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Most important News CMSimple 5.14 => 5.15 (2024-03-25):

  • The drag&drop functionality of the pagemanager has been significantly improved
  • ./cmsimple/defaultconfig.php: $cf['use']['h1only_pagesplitting'] empty again, is better when converting contents of old versions
  • The routine for switching to h1only pagesplitting has been improved.

Most important News CMSimple 5.12 => 5.14 (2024-01-04):

Most referencing now no longer occurs from the domain root, but relatively from the site root ($sn replaced by ./). This affects CMSimple itself and the plugins Filebrowser, MetaTags, PageParams, Pagemanager and TinyMCE as well as the plugin loader.

  • Image format .webp added to allowed filetypes
  • CSRF protection disabled by default
  • h1only_pagesplitting now activated also in defaultconfig.php
  • meta_tags and page_params design independent of the template
  • Fixed CMSimpleDebug.txt copy bug for updating the CoAuthors page
  • CoAuthors plugin: updated to 3.0
  • Filebrowser admin.php: XHFB_PATH => CMSIMPLE_FB_PATH
  • ./2author, ./2lang, ./2site, ./2site2lang: in setup.php $setup_timeOut increased to 600s (syncronised with login.php)
  • _cmsimpleAdmin.php and _disabled_plugins.txt moved to folder ./content/
  • readme.php replaced by README.txt and README.txt
  • Standard template slightly revised
  • Standard content (content.php and pagedata.php) revised, also in the folders ./2author, ./2lang, ./2site, ./2site2lang

Most important News CMSimple 5.11 => 5.12 (2023-07-21):

  • Bugfix for php 8.2: CMS configuration was not possible when the editor was deactivated (white screen)
  • 2 new constants introduced: CMSIMPLE_SITEURL and CMSIMPLE_ROOTURL
  • meta_tags and page_params: tag() functions replaced
  • Login as lightbox overlay
  • Function pagename() - warning under php 8.2 removed

Most important News CMSimple 5.10 => 5.11 (2023-02-06):

  • No separate download for updates anymore
  • convert_h1split/index.php:  improved direct access prevention
  • filebrowser_view.php revised for php 8.2 ($_SESSION['fb_view'])
  • editorbrowser.php: Nopexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx => Nope wink

Most important News CMSimple 5.9 => 5.10 (2023-01-12):

  • All "@", suppressing error messages and warnings , removed from core files
  • Error messages and warnings under php 8.2 eliminated
  • Fixed list view of filebrowser

Most important News CMSimple 5.8 => 5.9 (2023-01-04):

  • Fixed pagemanager bug with deactivated CSRF protection
  • siblingsmenu(): Fixed error message under php 8.1
  • submenu(), siblingsmenu() and subsibmenu(): CSS class parentLink unified
  • fixed deprecated warnings under php 8.1 in the filebrowser root
  • CMSimple Mailform: Added CSS class "cmsimple_mailform"
  • TinyMCE: New smileys without "Corona" on a dark background

Most important News CMSimple 5.7 => 5.8 (2022-05-03):

  • New CMSimple link check function check_internal_link()
  • Improved TinyMCE toolbar
  • Default template: new design of toc and sitemap
  • Fixed error messages when csrf protection was switched off
  • Error message under php 8.1.3 eliminated

Most important News CMSimple 5.6 => 5.7 (2022-04-05):

  • New location for backups, old backups will be deleted after 6 new ones
  • Update to TinyMCE 4.9.11, removed table preformatting for backend
  • Improved behavior in case of incorrect password
  • Templates __cmsimple_backend__ and __cmsimple_filebrowser__ modernized
  • CMSimple configuration Extensions_userfiles: csv added

Most important News CMSimple 5.5 => 5.6 (2022-03-01):

  • removed Error message when deleting files
  • 3 unnecessary config variables (allowed file extensions for file upload) are deleted when saving the CMS configuration
  • backend template: selectboxes improved
  • submenu(), siblingsmenu and subsibmenu: layout improved
  • class="submit" added (login.php)
  • Filebrowser bugfix: size limit for images/ and downloads/
  • standard template slightly modernized

Most important News CMSimple 5.4 => 5.5 (2022-01-03):

  • Management for permission to embed in foreign frames
  • New: siblingsmenu() and subsubmenu(), improved submenu()
  • function li() fixed, problems with e.g. toc('2','3')
  • background of page-splitting headings is yellow now (for H1only_pagesplitting and not visible page headings)

Most important News CMSimple 5.3 => 5.4 (2021-03-11):

  • setup.php no longer asks for filetime of setupControl.php, setupControl.php will be deleted when the new password is assigned or after 5 minutes by CMSimple itself
  • Hint text on newly created pages
  • larger page title in the editor
  • Backend template slightly revised
  • TinyMCE modified for FontAwesome plugin
  • Empty space at the beginning of an alternative heading removed (page_params)

Most important News CMSimple 5.2 => 5.3 (2021-01-14):

  • small html bug in the submenu fixed
  • small html bug in the pagemanager fixed
  • design of the pagemanager improved, better handling of drag & drop.

Most important News CMSimple 5.1 => 5.2 (2021-01-04):

  • CMSimple 5.2 is ready for php 8, tested under php 8.0.0
  • Setup for "forgotten password" now also active for 5 min

Most important News CMSimple 5.0 => 5.1 (2020-06-15):

  • Prevention of "forgotten" installations with default password (5 min)
  • Setup for "forgotten password" (1 min)

Most important News CMSimple 4.8.2 => 5.0 (2020-04-21):

  • h1only pagesplitting is standard now
  • improved h1only_pagesplitting conversion script
  • function newsbox(): new regex for h1only_pagesplitting
  • improved accessibility of the page manager for blind people
  • improved accessibility of the standard template for blind people
  • extended language files

Most important News CMSimple 4.8.1 => 4.8.2 (2020-04-08):

  • Backup of content.php and pagedata.php when switching to h1only splitting
  • Page manager bug fixed: Quotes in pagename possible
  • New standard template __cmsimple_default__

Most important News CMSimple 4.8 => 4.8.1 (2020-01-30):

  • Code revised for PHP 7.4.1
  • Bugfix Backend Manager (path for icons in subsites and second languages)

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.8 => 4.8 (2019-10-14):

  • New function Backup Manager
  • Extended language files (for Backend Manager)

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.7 => 4.7.8 (2019-06-17):

  • Improved OPcache Management
  • Own jQuery for Pagemanager only if logged in
  • Locator delimiter definable by function parameter
  • Some error messages in linkcheck eleminated

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.6 => 4.7.7 (2019-01-16):

  • Pagemanager loads its own jQuery. Now CMSimple is independent of the jQuery version, defined in the CMSimple configuration.
  • Function head() revised (<meta charset = "utf-8"> instead of <meta http-equiv ...>)
  • Alternative page titles may be defined in PageParams
  • CMSIMPLE_VERSIONSINFO: updated to https://

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.5 => 4.7.6 (2018-11-27):

  • Admin login enhanced, locking of the plugin configuration for authors possible.
  • replaced some deprecated functions (php 7.2)

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.4 => 4.7.5 (2018-07-21):

  • Update for php 7.2, deprecated functions removed
  • Filebrowser has been optimized for Apple devices
  • type-Attribute removed from <script> tags
  • Default Template: automatic language declaration in <html> tag

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.3 => 4.7.4 (2018-05-23):

  • No session is started without successful login => no cookie set
  • Locator above the editor can be switched off (bugfix)

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.2 => 4.7.3 (2017-12-15):

  • small improvements on locator (Breadcrumb Navigation)
  • timezone-setting per CMS configuration possible now

Most important News CMSimple 4.7.1 => 4.7.2 (2017-05-07):

  • Improved CSRF Protection for subsites and second languages (independent)
  • Updated TinyMCE Editor to version 4.5.7

Most important News CMSimple 4.7 => 4.7.1 (2017-04-21):

  • CSRF Protection for CMSimple Backend and standard functions of Plugins (defeatable in CMS configuration)
  • Pageheadings now also global defeatable by CMS configuration
  • Locator above the editor (defeatable in CMS configuration)
  • removed system-templates from template selection in page_params
  • Admin Login improved
  • further improvement of Pagemanager

Most important News CMSimple 4.6.5 => 4.7 (2017-03-16):

  • New page splitting as experimental feature included (h1only_splitting)
  • Improved Pagemanager, remembers its state, doubleclick leads to the page
  • The File CMSimpleDebug.txt now in ./userfiles/_core/
  • Bugfix "hidden pages in submenu", works now
  • List formatting via editor now overwrites template CSS
  • Pluginloader "Plugin Menu Links Bug" in php 7.1 fixed
  • Improved search function, links to https-Websites are correctly validated now

Most important News CMSimple 4.6.4 => 4.6.5 (2016-12-01):

  • Site call with "/index.php" not possible anymore, a special page appears
  • Setup of an Admin Login possible
  • other minor improvements

Most important News CMSimple 4.6.3 => 4.6.4 (2016-09-27):

  • Security Update (harmless XSS vulnerability fixed)
  • Bugfix "own language files for subsites"
  • PageManager now is running under jQuery 3.x.x
  • other minor improvements

Most important News CMSimple 4.6.2 => 4.6.3 (2016-05-30):

  • Security Update
  • Update to CoAuthors 2.0
  • jQuery and jQuery UI updated
  • some further small improvements

Most important News CMSimple 4.6.1 => 4.6.2 (2016-04-14):

  • $debugMode => $cmsimple_debugMode (low conflict potential)
  • Standard Mailform improved (Repeated Submit prevented)
  • TinyMCE Update to 4.3.8 + design improved (Overlay Windows)
  • Pagemanager Design improved (more distances for Touchscreens)
  • Default Template modernised, TinyMCE4-optimized classes for images
  • prevented double integration of jQuery UI CSS
  • previous-top-next functions with icons possible in templates

Most important News CMSimple 4.6 => 4.6.1 (2016-01-14):

  • Optimization for php 7.0.1
  • New System Requirement php 5.3

Most important News CMSimple 4.5.4 => 4.6 (2015-12-18):

  • TinyMCE 4 as standard editor (version 4.3.2)
  • CoAuthors Plugin updated
  • Pagedata tabs modernized (design)

Most important News CMSimple 4.5.3 => 4.5.4 (2015-08-22):

  • Optimized version-check of Plugins
  • Improved search function (highlighting of search terms)
  • Warning when password is "test"
  • Logfile (log.php) not editable anymore
  • Improved display of intermediate texts in the default mail form
  • Forwarding of CMSimple pages on anchors and id's possible
  • Deactivation of Xcache

Most important News CMSimple 4.5.2 => 4.5.3 (2015-05-14):

  • DebugMode for Plugins was defect since version 4.5 - solved
  • Improved filebrowser, especially for subsites
  • some small improvements in backend

Most important News CMSimple 4.5.1 => 4.5.2 (2015-03-15):

  • Increased security against careless programmed plugins
  • Increased security of the internal mailform
  • Brazilian flag in the downloads
  • Inaccuracy in the de-language file corrected (sitemap)

Most important News CMSimple 4.5 => 4.5.1 (2015-02-15):

  • Some small improvements on filebrowser
  • Locator-Elements with no linebreaks anymore
  • Loginform page now has a div with the class cmsimple_loginform around, for simply design.
  • New language variables for page-internal navigation (for responsive templates)
  • The default template is reponsive now, no further templates are included in the downloads anymore
  • Old constants removed, to prevent usage of alien plugins, which could be a security risk.

Most important News CMSimple 4.4.5 => 4.5 (2014-11-28):

  • improved Filebrowser
  • removed splitToc Seiten from search results (search.php)
  • new DebugMode file "CMSimpleDebug.txt"
  • content.htm => content.php
  • log.txt => log.php

Most important News CMSimple 4.4.4 => 4.4.5 (2014-08-22):

  • New option to correct server variables, used by CMSimple, if they are wrong defined.
  • Some constants and variables was new defined.

Most important News CMSimple 4.4.3 => 4.4.4 (2014-07-21):

  • Improved language menu, improved replacement of the language abbreviation by free text (for tooltips or usage without flags)
  • Minor improvements in the backend, the template name is displayed, if template.htm or stylesheet.css is edited.

Most important News CMSimple 4.4.2 => 4.4.3 (2014-06-08):

  • Version check with cURL and fallback to file_get_contents ()
  • Function pagename() now displays the title of the current CMSimple page.
  • Introduced plugin Locator in the backend (stylesheet, config, etc.)
  • Standard plugins optimized, especially PageManager and jQuery

Most important News CMSimple 4.4.1 => 4.4.2 (2014-05-08):

  • Nearly all php files were protected against direct access.
  • Hidden pages can be displayed in the submenu now (configurable)
  • In the login form, optionally a user name can be specified now, this is logged in the log file.
  • Small problem on Windows Servers solved ("index.php" in the address line of the browser)

Most important News CMSimple 4.4 => 4.4.1 (2014-04-24):

Vulnerability solved, which can occur with register_globals = ON.

Most important News CMSimple 4.3.3 => 4.4 (2014-03-14):

New language files without html tags. The reason is the serverside ModSecurity. It interpretes some html tags as "dangerous code attack" and prevents saving of the language files in that case.

Most important News CMSimple 4.3.2 => 4.3.3 (2014-02-18):

  • New design options for the navigation menu
  • New handling of saving configuration, languages etc. (backend)
  • Logfile editable, if the settings page is called directly from first level of admin menu
  • More infos in log.txt (for example for subsites)
  • some code cleaning in backend

Most important News CMSimple 4.3.1 => 4.3.2 (2014-01-27):

  • Further development for html5, php 5.5 and new Apache Server Generation
  • New .htaccess files for new Apache Server Generation
  • Improvement Login / Logout routine for subsites and secondary languages
  • Bug in languagemenu for multilingual subsites fixed
  • Further improvements on filebrowser
  • and some more minor improvments

Most important News CMSimple 4.3 => 4.3.1 (2013-11-27):

  • Improved cookie management (login), install folders with "." possible
  • Long language terms for tooltips in the language menu possible, configurable
  • New .htaccess files for older and newer Apache Servers
  • New template "example3cols" with 3 cols added to the download
  • Deafult template improved

Most important News CMSimple 4.2.6 => 4.3 (2013-11-11):

  • New designed filebrowser (Explorer-layout), the new filebrowser uses the whole width of the viewport.
  • separate filebrowser template
  • Switch between list view and thumbs view by selectbox possible
  • "security_type Javascript" removed

Most important News CMSimple 4.2.5 => 4.2.6 (2013-10-11):

  • accidentally remaining "test and development code" from version 4.2.5 removed

Most important News CMSimple 4.2.4 => 4.2.5 (2013-10-08):

  • Language code, such as en_US or pt_BR (Brazilian) possible for folders and language files of second languages
  • Function calls with "function:" instead of "PLUGIN:" possible
  • log.txt now shows the last entry above (sort order reversed)
  • other minor code optimizations

Most important News CMSimple 4.2.3 => 4.2.4 (2013-09-03):

  • The backlink in in the printview can be disabled now.
  • For the highlighting of the search results the funktion content() can be called with 2 parameters: content('#060','#fff') for background color (parameter 1) and font color (Parameter 2)

Most important News CMSimple 4.2.2 => 4.2.3 (2013-08-09):

  • Filebrowser improved, configurable (Thumbnails or popup list)
  • Also plugin configs as input fields (no textarea anymore)
  • 404 error page shows a sitemap now.
  • Backend Template you can enable/disable (configurable)
  • The template functions sitemaplink(), mailformlink() and printlink() now can be icons from the images folder of the template, Example: mailformlink('mailform.gif')

Most important News CMSimple 4.2.1 => 4.2.2 (2013-07-13):

  • Version- and Update Info can be switched off, and only active in Sysinfo
  • hidden pages CMSimpleMFC 1-3 for the mailform
  • own favicon.ico for each subsite, if available in the subsite root

Most important News CMSimple 4.2 => 4.2.1 (2013-07-03):

  • jQuery versions as selectboxes in CMS Configuration
  • Status of plugins visible in Sysinfo und Pluginmanager
  • Printlink in maintenance Mode deactivated

Most important News CMSimple 4.1.5 => 4.2 (2013-06-02):

The reason for the last 3 updates was 2 x bugfixes (older bugs) and the introduction of the version info files. These updates were published very quickly.

In CMSimple 4.2 these things are optimized, and some other details are improved:

  • Sorting of plugins in system info on all servers (an old issue)
  • New template "__cmsimple_backend__" added
  • The template "__fallback__" is a copy of the "__cmsimple_default__" template, but without NewsBoxes
  • Codeeditor plugin works also for editing template.htm again ($ bjs)
  • New constants CMSIMPLE_VERSION and CMSIMPLE_DATE introduced
  • TinyMCE admin.php output updated

Most important News CMSimple 4.1.4 => 4.1.5 (2013-05-26):

  • Version controling for CMSimple and plugins (in sysinfo)
  • Pluginmanager and System Info appears in backend template now
  • Backend template validated
  • Code of pluginmanager optimized (pluginloader)

Most important News CMSimple 4.1.3 => 4.1.4 (2013-05-17):

  • Old Pagemanager Bug fixed
  • utf-8 consistently hard encoded, adjustment of $ tx ['meta'] ['code page'] is ineffective now
  • .htaccess file in the Root: AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
  • html header will be sent

Most important News CMSimple 4.1.2 => 4.1.3 (2013-05-01):

  • Open navigation menu possible (third parameter in toc() function)
  • Bugfix $bjs (bottom JavaScript)
  • Loginform validated + Code Cosmetics

Most important News CMSimple 4.1.1 => 4.1.2 (2013-04-02):

  • Some login problems by calling CMSimple with ".../index.php" solved.

Most important News CMSimple 4.1 => 4.1.1 (2013-03-23):

  • Bugfix Filebrowser: Uploading and inserting images (editorbrowser) was buggy in 4.1 because of the new login coockies.

Most important News CMSimple 4.0.5 => 4.1 (2013-03-21):

  • New Login Routine: main installation, several second languages and subsites, open in different Tabs, do not logout each other. This is the precondition for a meaningful functioning LoginLocker.
  • Pluginloader: some minor optimizations
  • Pluginloader: utf-8 marker is written to config- and language files by saving.
  • Pluginloader: Save button now also on top in the plugin backend
  • Printview: now with publisher and backlink
  • triple warning removed, if the log.txt is not writable
  • loginlink() for security type javascript fixed
  • some other minor fixes

Most important News CMSimple 4.0.4 => 4.0.5 (2013-02-14):

  • Minor change on definition of CMSIMPLE_ROOT
  • Small bugfix TinyMCE init.php
  • Also failed logins are logged now in log.txt
  • Update jQuery to 1.9.1 and jQuery UI to 1.10.1

Most important News CMSimple 4.0.3 => 4.0.4 (2013-01-03):

  • Just some small improvements in the backend, an update is not necessary.

Most important News CMSimple 4.0.2 => 4.0.3 (2012-12-05):

  • New URI separator "___" for working links from facebook & Co.
  • french language file included
  • russian language file included
  • some minor bugfixes

Most important News CMSimple 4.0.1 => 4.0.2 (2012-11-26):

  • Backend template with wide content area, for editing CMS config, CMS language, plugin config and plugin language
  • New Editor Toolbar "narrow" for narrow content areas
  • Improved core stylesheet for editing configurations and languages
  • Input field for password is now "type password"

Most important News CMSimple 4.0 => 4.0.1 (2012-11-23):

  • A template folder "2author" is contained in the download, so you can setup a Co-Author in a subsite.
  • Active menu items of the navigation menu are enclosed by a <span>, for a better styling by CSS
  • Some small improvements for handling of some standard plugins

Most important News (2012-11-11):

  • CMSimpleSubsites RC2 was published as CMSimple 4.0

Most important News RC1 => RC2 (2012-10-29):

  • Configuration and language modules of the standard plugins moved to the CMSimple Core.

Most important News beta02 => RC1 (2012-09-24):

  • Own templates for subsites possible
  • Own plugin stylesheets for subsites possible
  • Help textes for the CMS Configuration completed

Most important News beta01 => beta02 (2012-09-20):

  • Message in the backend, if the site is in maintenance mode
  • Own userfiles folders for subsites and languages possible
  • Own configuration for subsites and languages possible to disable

CMSimpleSubsites beta01 (2012-09-15)

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