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CMSimple Features

With CMSimple you theoretically can operate as many websites as you want, in subdirectories, so-called "sub-sites". Where are the practical limits - we will see. The main installation and each of these "sub-sites" can be multilingual.

Secondary languages and subsites are fully configurable, so every subsite or secondary language can have an own password, a custom template, a separate email address for the default mail form, and many other independent characteristics.

CMSimple 4 has many new features:

  • Multi clients ability (fully configurable and multilingual Subsites)
  • Co-Authors possible (external installation or subsite)
  • Backupmanager (Restore of content.php and pagedata.php)
  • Plugin Manager (Activate and deactivate plugins)
  • Comfortable filebrowser (Switch between thumbs and list view)
  • Simple admin menu
  • Meaningful structure of user files
  • Maintenance Mode with its own template (individual style possible)
  • Restricting of access to configuration possible
  • Admin Login
  • Installation in 2-characters folders possible
  • Backend template
  • Fallback template
  • Integrated version controling for CMSimple and plugins

... etc.

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CMSimple News

CMSimple is ready for php 8.2
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CMSimple 5.14 published


CMSimple 5.14 is more robust against unusual web server configurations, especially for second languages and subsites, as well as when CMSimple is installed in subdirectories.

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USBWebserver CMSimple

USBWebserver Screenshot

Test CMSimple offline on your PC, easily with USBWebserver CMSimple.


Responsive templates are suitable for all visual output devices, from smartphones up to HD screen.

Test the responsive templates of

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With plugins you can extend the functionality of CMSimple. There are Blogs, Comments, Photo Galleries, MultiMedia, MembersArea and much more.

Here you can find demos for most of the available plugins:

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Sponsors Area

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You also can support CMSimple by donation:

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