Menu item to an external link

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Menu item to an external link

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I created a menu item to an external link. I would like the page to open in another window. Where can target="_blank" be inserted to the code.
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Re: Menu item to an external link

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this is not possible (without special programming), and beside this there are many good reasons not to do that.

It is an internal page menu, nobody expects an external link there, and the user should be able to decide himself, if he wants to open a link in a new window or tab (right mouse button).

I hate it, if a website messes up my browser, opening a lot of tabs without asking me ...

My proposal: Let the menu open the page and place there a short information, that the user leaves the website by clicking the (following) link, and that the link opens a new window. Below that place the external Link.

Or place a Newsbox with external Links below the CMSimple Menu,

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