Own Configurations for Plugins

Sometimes it may be necessary that a plugin in a subsite or second language is configured differently as in the main installation.

Some plugins uses the language files for different configuration in second languages.

Because the language of the main files are used more than once if subsites are multilingual, or the subsite has the same language as the main site, the different configuration by the language files of the plugin is not possible.

CMSimple can the Plugins instruct, to use their own configuration, language and stylesheet files by copying the appropriate folder structure from the Plugins folder of the main installation to the subsite or second language:

Now you have to make folders and files writable, the same files and folders as in the main installation.

The subsite or second language is now working with these separate files in the frontend and backend, and the author has no more backend access to the files of the main installation, so he can not cause damage there.